৳ 8,999.00

  • Record Stable Video with Your Smartphone
  • Built-In Wired & Wireless Phone Charging
  • 360° Pan Axis
  • App-Based Subject Tracking
  • Motion Time-Lapse Video
  • Ergonomic Gimbal Controls
  • Exposure/Zoom/Focus Control


Mobile phone stabilizing gimbal, letting you shoot cinematic steadicam-style shots using your phone camera. It’s got a few tricks up its sleeve too, including wireless phone charging, hyperlapses, “inception mode” and some very cool but not-quite-there motion tracking capabilities.It’s simple enough to use for basic functions: clip your phone into the extending jaws with the camera poking out, then power the gimbal on to have it begin stabilizing. The majority of times you use the Mini-Mi, it’ll be that simple. We didn’t need to do any calibration or play with any settings, it boots up in yaw-follow mode which will handle the majority of what most people want gimbals for: walking shots with smooth, steady motion.