৳ 3,999.00

◆ easy to install, do not need to identify the installation of the door to distinguish the direction of the left open, right open, open,

◆ closed no collision, automatic sensor lock, reducing the selection requirements of the door closer;

◆ automatically detect the state of the latch, the lock is not in place automatically lock, to ensure safety;

◆ low noise, long life, power consumption province;

◆ a variety of ways to open: access control or building intercom signal, remote control, credit card, key, etc .;

◆ wide voltage 12-18V universal;

◆ has a closed door warning function.

◆ products through the EU CE and China MA certification



Electric rim locks are specially designed for access control system and building conversational system.Using the most advanced machine design,adjustable locking pressure,latch direction interchange Open by electricity, pushbutton, swivel knob or key Long lifetime,no power consumption when it is standby,high safety. This series locks are used for resident’s house,specially for gate,government,school,hotel,factory warehouse.