৳ 3,199.00

  • Pest Control Type: Traps
  • Pest Type: Flies
  • Feature: Eco Friendly
  • Long Lasting product
  • Brand: Remax


It is a simple, safe solution to kill mosquitoes in any room – including a child’s bedroom or nursery. This hygienic, mosquito killer lamp attracts and kills mosquitoes without the use of smoke, harmful chemicals or dangerous high-voltage equipment. Unlike other similar units, our lamp uses 6 environmentally friendly, low-voltage LED’s to attract flying mosquitoes.For maximum attraction, the LED also causes a harmless catalytic compound to release a tiny quantity of natural carbon dioxide into the air. With no fumes, smoke, heat or high voltages, this is a safe and effective way to deal with a mosquito in your home. With an ultra-low power consumption of around 2.5 Watts, our LED mosquito killer lamp is cheap to run and great for the environment