৳ 1,999.00

  • In the box: 1 Cart, 45 Accessories & Groceries
  • Age: 4-6 Years
  • Ideal For Boys;Girls
  • Product Dimension (In CM): 37x26x52


The fun of shopping using shopping trolley. Heightens Curiosity And Encourages Exploration . Help develop role playing, decision making and hand-eye coordination skills. Real Style pretend play toy for kids. Come’s with different variety of Toy Food. More then 10 toy grocery. This complete shopping cart and grocery food play set is fun and educational for your kids. Many Accessories Included: Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Product. Total 46 Parts including the Trolly structures are provided. Complete with plastic shopping cart and of play food including fruit and vegetables and even some play milk cartons! with all the props required, children will spend hours playing with the shopping trolley play set! Whether your little one is pushing their favorite stuffed friend around the house or taking it to the real store to help mum or dad shop for the groceries, today’s product is guaranteed to go down well in kiddy land.
Buy your own shopping cart for the child, they are so fond of playing in the store. It is made in the original design. Its wheels rotate allowing it to roll like a real cart in the supermarket. In addition, the set includes plastic products. A wide range of goods will allow a child to play at home a real store. A total of 45 parts. The original cart is sure to please the baby. Since a child since childhood has sought to replicate the behavior of parents, his games reproduce this. The supermarket trolley will help the crumb to translate all the plots into reality.